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Defining Hope on Spectrum Channel 1275 in late April and early May

Posted 12 months ago by Nancy Iafrati

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Defining Hope is a story about people weighing what matters most at the fragile junctures in life and the nurses who guide them. It follows eight patients with life-threatening illnesses as they make choices about how they want to live, how much technology they can accept, what they hope for and how that hope evolves when life is threatening. Watch it and share in an optimistic perspective, which focuses on the meaning of “quality of life”.

The November 2017 Premiere in our area was sponsored by ANA-NY and it is being broadcast on WXXI World Channel (#1275 on Spectrum) in late April and early May:


Date                      Time                      Length                  Title

04/30/2018         19:00:00:00         00:56:46:00*       DEFINING HOPE

05/01/2018         00:00:00:00         00:56:46:00*       DEFINING HOPE

05/01/2018         08:00:00:00         00:56:46:00*       DEFINING HOPE

05/01/2018         14:00:00:00         00:56:46:00*       DEFINING HOPE

05/02/2018         18:00:00:00         00:56:46:00*       DEFINING HOPE

05/06/2018         05:00:00:00         00:56:46:00*       DEFINING HOPE

:  Watch the trailer, and learn more at