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InterVol Donations being accepted at GVNA Spring Dinner May 9

Posted about 1 year ago by Nancy Iafrati

Below is a list of the primary supplies that InterVol needs:

  • Alcohol Prep Pads and Swabsticks
  • Band-Aids and Steri-Strips
  • Diabetic Supplies (all glucometers MUST have in-date test strips)
  • Dressings – sterile or non-sterile (Coban, Duoderm, gauze, Xeroform, etc.)
  • Exam Supplies (e.g. cotton balls, Q-Tips, thermometers, tongue depressors, etc.)
  • Gloves – sterile or non-sterileBlood Pressure Cuffs and Monitors

Here is the website for InterVol if you have other equipment/supplies that you want to take off of their hands, but are not sure if InterVol accepts it:
"By recovering and redistributing medical supplies and equipment, and through the provision of volunteer opportunities for medical professionals and aspiring educators, InterVol is able to further its mission to engage health-focused humanitarian efforts worldwide."