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Please consider contacting your legislator

Posted almost 2 years ago by Natalie Masco Dixon

Dear Colleagues,

On Tuesday of this week, forty stalwart members of the New York Organization of Nurse Executives and Leaders (NYONEL), the American Nurses Association, New York (ANA-NY), and the Coalition to Advance Nursing Education (CANE)  entered the halls of the  NYS Legislative Office Building and Capitol to encourage our legislators to move the BS in 10 bill to the Floor for a vote. This bill requires FUTURE RNs to obtain a BS in Nursing within 10 years AFTER they are licensed (Assembly # 1842A and Senate # 3520A). 

All of the legislators or aides with whom we spoke listened attentively, asked appropriate questions and nodded approvingly. Many were already sponsors, several stated that they would add their names to the bills as sponsors, others offered additional comments of encouragement, such as, “It’s time that this bill is passed.” We couldn’t agree more. And to make that happen we need each of you to add your voice of support.

The bill has passed out of the Senate Higher Education Committee and is waiting to be placed on the Senate floor for a vote. Stay tuned for additional action on your part.

In the Assembly, the bill is waiting to be placed on the Higher Education Committee’s agenda.  Please write or call your Assemblymember and ask her/him to support this bill in the Higher Education Committee and support it when it goes to the full Assembly for a vote!

If you are uncertain of your Assemblymember, go to: and click onto the section labeled, WHO IS MY ASSEMBLYMEMBER on the right side of the page. Then follow with an e-mail and a phone message. A sample message follows but we encourage you to write your own:

I am a Registered Nurse (RN) from your district. I ask your support for Assembly 1842A, a bill that requires FUTURE RNS to obtain a BS in Nursing degree within 10 years after they are licensed. Research has clearly and unequivocally demonstrated that a more highly educated workforce results in better patient outcomes such as fewer leg blood clots, pneumonia, urinary bladder infections and deaths. Not only would better outcomes immediately benefit patients, but hospitals would also benefit as reimbursement is now based on the quality of outcomes.

There are sufficient programs, both traditional and on line, to accept additional RNs seeking the higher level of education.

We have the support of the hospital association, HANYS, the medical society, MSNY, nursing faculty in both the Associate and Baccalaureate Degree Councils, the Army, and over 150 other organizations.

Please add your voice to assure that the residents of NYS obtain the best of nursing care. Encourage A1842A to be placed on the Higher Education Committee’s agenda, vote to have it passed out of committee and vote for it’s passage when it comes to the Assembly floor.  


Name, RN

(Once you have communicated with your Assemblymember, please also send a copy of your communication to Joseph Morelle, the chief sponsor,

We CAN do this…we have never been closer…let’s get this done!

Thank you for your continuing commitment and dedication,