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BS in 10 is now awaiting the Governor's signature

Posted almost 2 years ago by Nancy Iafrati

Letters of Support Needed (S6768;A1842A)

The Advancing Nursing Education Bills “BS in Ten” have passed both houses of the NYS Legislature. Now is the time to send updated letters of support to Governor Cuomo calling on him to sign the bill into law!  Please write a personal and/or organizational letter of support.  Thank him for his unwavering leadership and for keeping New York State at the forefront of the nation in protecting our most vulnerable populations and ensuring the best healthcare for all residents. Point out that New York can be the first in the nation to implement this recommendation and bring the United States closer to other nations in preparing RNs to provide the best possible patient care while reducing the cost of healthcare.

 Address your letter to:                            Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo

                                                                        Governor of the State of New York

                                                                        New York State Capitol Building

                                                                        Albany, New York 12224

AND so that we may share this support with the sponsors of the legislation please ALSO email a copy to:  All responses will be collected and presented to the Governor when the bill reaches his desk.  Thank you in advance for your participation.  Any questions can be addressed to Dr.  Barbara Zittel at