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September 2017 GVNA Update

Posted over 1 year ago by Nancy Iafrati

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Here’s what is happening in GVNA.  Open up the attachment for more details.

Registration is still open for VIOLENCE, COMPASSION AND THE BRAIN which is beiing sponsored by the Coalition of Regional Nursing Organizations on October 3. Dr. Richman is one of the best speakers you will ever hear.  Registration can be found at:

GVNA is in need of a PROGRAM COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSON. If you are interested, contact Nancy Iafrati at:

GVNA is co-hosting a play at the Fringe Fest called COLLARD GREEN CURVES featuring the life of Theresa Lou Bowick, a nurse from the Rochester area.

BS in 10 has passed both the NYS Assembly and Senate but it still needs to be signed by the Governor. Please send the Governor a letter urging him to sign this legislation into law.